Deepak Khatri and KIEC on Nepal Bicycle Tour!!!
What is Patriotism?? Having the willingness to take and give life to your country is not Patriotism. The definition of ‘Patriotism’ is very broad. A true patriot not only loves his country and his countrymen but also has an equal amount of respect for other nationalities and their cultures.

Sacrificing our own dream and happiness for the sake of our nation’s pride is a tremendous thing. Representing our country and traveling all around the world on a cycle is something that 95% of people can not even think of it.

Deepak Khatri, a true Nepali citizen and a true patriot, has made all Nepalese proud by being on the ‘World Bicycle Tour’ for the last 8 years. His passion for his country and his enthusiastic attitude of making Nepal popular all around the globe truly deserve our salute. Till now, he has been in more than 90 countries just on a bicycle representing Nepal and showcasing our culture. “You don’t feel hunger, thirst, fatigue or anything when you are doing something for your motherland”, he says. This shows how much his country means to him. Being born in a poor family in a remote area of Nepal and dreaming of traveling across more than 160 countries is truly inspiring.

As Deepak Khatri plans to set off for all Nepal Bicycle Tour once again, KIEC feels privileged to stretch its helping hands for the accomplishment of his mission. May our small help have some contribution to his success. After this adventure, we hope his mission of taking Nepal to at least 160 countries will be accomplished soon.