Reason 1

Your character and health

For example, you can be refused entry if:

>>> we believe you might be a risk to New Zealand’s security, public order or public interest — for example, you have been associated with a gang or registered sex offenders

>>> we think you might commit an offence that would result in you going to prison, or
you have been deported, excluded or removed from another country.

Reason 2

Meeting the conditions of your visa

If a applicant cannot show us evidence to support the conditions of your visa. For example, you cannot show  evidence that you:

>>> Enough money to live on while you are here.

>>>Has made arrangements to leave New Zealand at the end of your stay are coming to New Zealand for a lawful and genuine reason.

Reason 3

False or misleading information

>>> Provides false or misleading information on any part of your arrival card.

>>> Possess a forged, fraudulent or altered identity document or any other official document.