Possible VISA Questions

We have received your student visa application where in you have indicated that you intend to study in New Zealand. Is that right?


We need some further information to assess whether you meet the requirements of the student visa policy and hence need to ask you some questions. Can you confirm that this is a convenient time for you to answer these questions?


Can you please confirm that you are in an area which is free from any disturbance that could prevent you from answering my questions?

At home mam I will not be disturbed

As you have indicated an intent to study in New Zealand which is an English speaking country, you are expected to have a certain level of English Language Skills. You have also submitted along with your application and IELTS report which indicates that you have been able to obtain an overall score of 6.5. Unfortunately, I will be unable to continue the interview if the responses are given in Hindi or any other regional language or if the interview is requested to be conducted in any other language. Can you please confirm that you have understood this?

Ok mam

If during the course of the interview you feel nervous, threatened or pressurised, you must advise the interviewing officer. You will then be referred to my supervisor and you can discuss your concerns directly with him/her. Can you please confirm that you have understood this?

Ok mam

What family do you have in Nepal?

Monther, father, grand mother and Uncle and younger sister

What do your parents do?

He is an ex bank officer and mother has a spun pipe factory

What is your date of birth?

1990 September 2

What are your qualifications? Are you currently pursuing any course of study?

10 - 2007

12 - From Kathmandu in 2009

Do you have any work experience? Are you working anywhere currently?


Where will you be studying - name of college and campus?


Who advised you about this course?

My family and the consultants

Do you know how much would your further studies will cost you?

No Mam

How do you think this course will contribute towards your future plan of study?

This is a foundation course and then will study further

What are timings for your classes? Are these convenient?

Ya mam - 17 may but now it will start in September

Why do you wish to study in NZ?

NZ is a small and peaceful country, the degree is recognised world wide the fee structure is affordable that's why.

Where will you be staying? (Flat, relative, school accommodation - what type?)

I will be for two weeks in college and then I will search for a accommodation - shared accommodation

Will you be looking for work in NZ?

Part time jobs mam

What sort of work?

Any thing mam in a mall or any thing like that

Have you understood all my questions?

Yes mam

Yes mam

That brings us to the end of the interview do you wish to tell me or ask me something that wasn't covered during the interview?


Thank you for your time. I will get back to you by end of the day

Sure, Thank you Mam

Some frequency question about Student Visa in New Zealand – Q & A:

Is health insurance required to get NZ visa?
Health Insurance is required when they apply for the Student Visa, insurance have to cover the period of course.
In Australia we get COE letter from the college for confirmation of enrolment. What we call that letter in NZ?
In New Zealand, after student fill out the enrolment form and meet the entry requirement, Education Provider will issue the offer of place which can be used for the Immigration New Zealand when they apply for the student visa.
Is IELTS required to get NZ visa?
IELTS is mandatory for the student visa.
What is the initial tuition fee payment (before visa)?
In New Zealand, student will pay the tuition fee after they get the Approval in Principle letter (AIP), it’s means student pay tuition fee after the visa approved.
Is Work allowed to international students studying in NZ?
International Students allowed to work up to 20 hours per week if their program is Level 5 or above. And also they can work more than 20 hours during the school holidays.
Normally how many days’ classes remain (in a week)?
According to the NZQA policy and course structure, student will study 20 hours per week from Monday to Friday.

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