How can speaking be improved?”- The most popular and widely asked question.


There is no doubt SPEAKING is the most important language skill of all.
But, people find themselves not being good at it. They try hard but feel no difference. It’s because people often overlook one idea: it takes time to advance your language skills. One must have exposure to listen to and talk in english.
Anyways, if you follow these tips, you can really bring improvements in your speaking skills and ability.
a) Find a partner to have conversation in english
b) Listening and speaking must go hand in hand
c) Record your conversation practice
d) Surround yourself with the english language
e) Practice with music and movies
f) Read aloud whenever you read something
g) Talk to yourself
h) Most important of all, speak everyday, everytime, make no excuses, don’t            feel shy
If you are not able to upgrade your speaking ability, the reason could be lack of exposure. Exposure is everything. 
Let us give you exposure so that your english flourish in quick time.
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