We feel immensely proud to disseminate the news of KIEC being awarded the “Best Performer-2019´´ by #Edith_Cowan_University, Australia yet again(2 times in a row). We are also recognized as “School of Business and Law-Best Performer(2019)´´ and “School of Science-Best Performer(2019)´´. We truly deserve it.
#Hard_work, determination, the attribute of being reliable and trustworthy, and quality service attract awards and rewards. With this award, we feel more energized than ever before.
We extend our gratitude to ECU for recognizing KIEC as the #Best_Performer_2019. We promise to conquer the next Best Performer award for 2020, and hopefully it will continue. Last but not the least, the credit for this prestigious recognition goes to all the well-wishers, parents and successful students of KIEC who trusted us. However, the contribution of the #KIEC team can`t be forgotten at all. Congratulations to each and every team member of KIEC.