You are going to study in a completely new and different place. You are going to spend a significant amount of your time and money in the process. So careful planning of everything—from choosing a university/program to spending every bit of time to study in Australia is important. Here, we present you with some tools that should make your journey towards finding a right university and right program a lot easier.

Plan your career  

Have a clear idea on what you want to study and how that study is going to shape your future career.  Make a list of universities that offer the course of your choice. Sort them out based on the reputation of the university and course in that university. is a great way to see how the universities rank overall and also based on the courses.

See if you can afford

Australian universities can be very expensive. But one might be less expensive compared to another. You might also want to sort the universities offering program of your choice based on the cost.

Match Location and Climate

Australia has got magnificent weather to welcome the international student from all around the world. But it is entirely possible that you have your own preferences.  Also remember the Australian weather is just opposite to that of Nepal. When it is cold here, there will be summer and vice versa.  Determine whether you would like to live in big cities or suburbs.
Most universities have more than one campus and are located across multiple states and territories, providing you with a choice of where in Australia you would like to study.

The university ranking highly in your favor is the university you are going to attend and live and study to the fullest.