Bhabishya Kharel

Bhabishya Kharel

Australia VISA Success

COE Started on
: N/A
VISA Applied on: N/A
VISA Received on: Feb 03,2017

Kathmandu Infosys is a very supportive and trustworthy consultancy. I had graduated my high school from Hong Kong and thus my academic certificates were very confusing to understand.
After a very long process, all my documents were submitted and surprisingly i got my student visa accepted very soon. The staff in this consultancy are very friendly and supportive and i would prefer every student wanting to study abroad to seek advice from Kathmandu Infosys.


Bhabishya Kharel


Course Details

University/Institution: Danford College, Australia
Campus Location: Melbourne
Course: Certificate IV & Diploma in Human Resource Management
Fees: AUD 15000

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