akanksha shrestha

Akanksha Shrestha

Australia VISA Success

Application Started on
: N/A
COE Received on: N/A
VISA Received on: N/A

The team KIEC represents a family that works really hard for better future of students who want to complete their further study in abroad. From the very first day I visited there, I really found friendly environment, each and every staff were ready to help new student.

The thing I like most about KIEC is expert counselor, who doesn’t provide false hope to the student. In the first session of counselling, the counselors make it crystal clear; what can be done and what cannot be. In case of any query or any problematic situation, they used to listen and suggest solutions to student without losing patience.

Mr Rajendra Rijal ( Managing Director), Mr Shyam Dahal ( Consultant Manager) and Mrs Namita Shrestha Rijal (Admission officer) and other staff were really helpful. Consulting with KIEC for abroad study is fortuitous as professional knowledge and experience of the team would help you to fulfill your dream and sorting out many problems that may arise during the process.

Thank you KIEC, only because of your support and guidance I am able to study Masters programme on such a wonderful university, ‘University of The Sunshine Coast’.



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