Despite being a relatively small nation, Ireland is jam-packed with things that make it a popular destination for students studying abroad. The Irish place a strong value on education, which is reflected in the country’s outstanding colleges and universities and its reputation for academic excellence. Ireland has produced four Nobel Laureates in literature, and its remarkable history is evident and celebrated throughout the country.

Dublin, the country’s capital, is lively and vibrant and is at the center of the Irish economy. Ireland is, of course, famous for its pubs, which are popular with students, but there are many other hidden treasures to surprise and delight you.

Ireland a dynamic, lively, modern country with a young population and a successful, technologically orientated economy …. but it remains a country where music, conversation, culture and traditions…matter.


Ireland–linked to the world


  • Ireland is a mostly English-speaking country with close cultural, economic and educational links with the English-speaking world, especially with the UK – its next door neighbour and with the USA, where Irish Americans form a high proportion of the population.
  • Ireland and Europe – Ireland is part of the EU family of nations and of the increasingly integrated European Education Area.
  • Ireland is Global in outlook – for several centuries Irish people have emigrated to and settled in many countries around the globe and today it welcomes people from all over the world.


Ireland–where education and learning count


  • From the medieval monastic centres to the “hedge schools” of the 17th – 19th centuries, to the schools and colleges of today.
  • From the Irish scholar monks in Europe in the middle ages, to the missionary teachers of the 19th and 20th century in Asia, Africa and the Americas, to the international scholars and researchers of today..
  • From the 8th century Book of Kells to Joyce, Beckett, Shaw…
  • From the traditional, cultural and literary learning to leading-edg, 21st science and technology


Ireland–where education and industry meet


  • Irish education is of the highest international quality.
  • It prepares people for success
  • It has close links to industry and is characterized by creativity, flexibility, agility, pragmatism and informality.
  • Education was a key factor in making Ireland one of the fastest growing economies in the world over the past decade.
  • Investment in research and “4th level” education is a key plank in developing Ireland as a knowledge society in the new global economy.

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