Why KIEC come up with such package (Join KIEC + Get Skilled + Go Abroad)?

In our twelve years journey of guiding students for abroad study and their career plan we have found that it is important for all the students to know the better skills for time management and creative engagement in their work and study.
Most of our students are up brought in the culture that does not engage them regularly for long hours and when they are suddenly exposed to the situation in which they require to proceed their study and work simultaneously they will find it very tough as they are not used to it.
Hence, main purpose behind this program is our belief that the students can easily cope with any situation.

Join KIEC – Get Skilled – Go Abroad

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Who can join this package?

Those student who are planning for Abroad study can join this course.(Student must join at KIEC Learning Centre + KIEC Abroad Study).Example: Join: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/SAT/Japanese Language + Abroad study :: Australia/USA/New Zealand/Japan/UK etc.

What job do I need to do?

KIEC will give you full training and job which you need to do from your home or anywhere where you will be connected with internet.

Who will be qualify for this job?

It is only for those students who enrolled for KIEC admission test and Abroad study program where KIEC assure the job till your abroad study outcome come.

How can I use this skill while studying abroad?

You will have basic skill with you after this OJT (On the job training) which will enables you to do related work from home from which you can give less time to work and more time to study.