Statement of Purpose (PAR01TAM)

I, Mr./Miss Applicant name  (Daughter/son of Parent`s name), permanent resident of  Permanent address (Previous address **********, would like to apply for University name, Sydney, Australia for my further studies. Having a degree from  University name would help me get a strong profile besides my growth in my knowledge and skills. I decided to study Certificate IV leading to Diploma in Nursing University name, Sydney, Australia as it is one of Australia’s leading cities for education.

I was born on DD/MM/YYYY. I completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examination in Year A.D from School Name with securing % or GPA. I had also completed the Higher  Secondary Education Board Examination in Faculty name from College name with scored % or GPA. After I appeared my Test name test on DD/MM/YYYY with scored Overall score.

It was my aim from my childhood to work in the medical field in future. So, as per my aim, my father suggested me to study biology as a major subject after SLC completion. Then, as per his advice, I joined the School name and studied biology. After the completion of +2, it was very hard for me to decide which medical field would be best to study for my career plan. I started taking advice with my seniors who are in medical fields. After analysis, I found nursing as the best option to complete my dream as well for my future career. Then, I started searching on the internet about nursing courses in my country. Not only this but also, I started meeting seniors for suggestions. I was dissatisfied after knowing from them that in our country, still traditional teaching methods are used, teachers focus only on the theoretical portion and the students are not well taught practically. Here, no fixed examination schedule is published due to the yearly system (not semester system) of universities. In Nepal, there are not many universities. There are only 5 officially recognized universities at the moment for which the competition is very tough. The students need to face various entrance examinations which are same as SAT/IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT. These take so much time to do and when we passed the exam, the education is not globally recognized.

I started searching on the internet for studying abroad. Nowadays it has been very easy for the students to go abroad for studying. From many sources, I came to know that Australia is one of the best destinations for international students than in other countries. The main reasons behind this is the top class education system, globally recognized degree, climatic factors relating to Nepal and consisting of cultural diversity among the people. Australia is one of the safest countries, providing world-class quality education with affordable tuition fee. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world for providing best-facilitated education with its excellent academic background and development of perfect innovative policies. Other than this, the strict implementation of laws, friendly behaviours of people, Post Study Work (PSW), Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS) under the act of Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) has made it even easier for the international students to adapt there. These sorts of additional facilities are not likely provided by other countries like the UK, the USA for international students. Therefore, I choose Australia for completing my degree.

Australia is well known for its education as it provides world-class equipped with the highest quality of education which has made international students like me to choose Australia as it is the best country for studying nursing which is my field of interest. Australia has an excellent reputation for nursing course degree as this course can be studied throughout the country. Hence, making the study progression effective and gaining a completely well-structured education system will help me in achieving the career goal of my life and with proper utilization of my skills, knowledge and experience that I could gain during my study tenure in Australia. I will use all of it in achieving and upgrading my knowledge of nursing in my own country Nepal which will develop my country as a whole . As focusing on the education system of my country Nepal,it is emphasized on theoretical knowledge and minimum practical knowledge having traditional teaching method with no sorts of modern teaching method in the class .I have already spent my 12 years studying here in Nepal during that, what i found is our education system is not up to the mark .there isn’t proper timing of exam and result which puts the career of a student at sake. Moreover, most of the Universities of Nepal doesn’t have semester system instead; we have a prevalence of yearly system.So, Nepalese students want to study in Australia for better systematic education.

I have chosen University name over other providers in Australia .i have gone through various websites and found that Australian Harbour International College, Sydney is best to get my dream career. As University name is highly reputed, high education standard. My decision to pursue an Advance diploma course in Australia is underscored by my desire to be part of the graduate program at your institution. University name offers the flexibility needed such as a vast and rapidly changing field. University name provides an alternative pathway to University Award program. The research facilities and the faculty at the University name are par excellent and more practical.I have heard that teachers at University name are at the top of their industry with a lot of experience and they can easily pass their knowledge to their students that they have obtained after years of experience. Classrooms are generally small so that we can directly interact with teachers and get personal attention. Education, culture and lifestyle of Australia is vastly different from that of Nepal so in order to be familiar with Australian culture and education system,I would like to pursue a diploma in nursing. Being familiar with the Australian education system it would be easy for me to study a Bachelor of nursing in an Australian university.As far as i am concerned, nursing care and practice are essential for today’s world. By pursuing a Diploma of nursing, I can get a credit point which leads me towards the Bachelor’s degree in a different university . Talking about my funding then my family is going to sponsor me for my study and living expenses during my stay in Australia. They are very supportive and always inspire me to achieve greatness in life.

After my degree, I ensure that I will engage in a Bachelor of Nursing, it helps me to gain practical knowledge. After this, I will come back to Nepal becoming a well- educated and practically qualified nurse and work in reputed international hospitals in Nepal like Grande Hospital, Teaching Hospital, Norvic Hospital. If not this, there are high demands of nurses in other fields like schools, prisons, insurance companies, rehabilitation centres, army camps etc., where I can easily get a job. As a worldwide service, I will also be happy to involve in various INGOs like UNESCO, Red Cross etc. As per working in these organizations and my job profile, I will be expecting a salary in the range of 90-100K per month basis. I assure that I have no intention of staying in Australia after my course completion as my only intention is to return back to my country and contribute in the health sector of Nepal which could help my nation as a whole. I want to take the health sector of Nepal which could help my nation as only possible if I get the chance to study that I have obtained from my degree after I return to my native country.

I believe that I will be able to contribute and learn from the academically excellent environment at University name as a good student with a higher grade and better academic achievement to become an impressive icon in the field of nursing in Nepal. It will be an honour to be a student of University name.

I am looking forward to getting your best consideration for my studies and plans in University name.

Hoping for yours positive response, thank you!

Your Sincerely,

Applicant name

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